Sewer Plumbing Brothers

Welcome to my video game review blog, where I review video games new and old. Today, I’ll be talking about the latest release in the Sewer Plumbing Brothers series, Sewer Marlo RPG: Myth of the Five Drains. Now, I was pretty sceptical when this game came out, and by the end of my playthrough, I have some pretty strong opinions about it. Buckle up, kids, because here we go.

Funnily enough, I actually had a plumber come around to my house on the first day that I played Sewer Marlo RPG. He was in the area to do some drain camera inspections for Melbourne houses, but I asked if he could take a few minutes to give his thoughts on the game. After only a few moments, he proclaimed that the game had a fairly simplistic view of what the work a drain plumber performs involves, and it certainly involves less jumping on strange mushroom creatures than the developers lead you to believe. I found this quite disappointing, given the game was marketed as the “most realistic entry in the series yet”. Not that the series has ever prioritised realism, with turtles that walk on two legs, led by the giant mega spiky backed turtle. 

The plot of Sewer Marlo RPG involves the titular character travelling from Italy to Melbourne, Australia, because the city is being attacked by the aforementioned mega turtle. Blocked drains across Melbourne are at an all-time high, and people don’t know what to do. So, Super Marlo and his team, consisting of Princess Apricot, Mellow the Cloud Man and Genie the Living Toy, must clear the five main sewers of Melbourne. Overall, it’s a fun experience, although I do wish it had leaned into the RPG elements a bit more. It doesn’t really feel like a true RPG, especially since you can’t get any plumbing equipment such as drain cameras and the like.