Restaurant Challenges

My youthful dreams of owning a restaurant were full of naivety. I was so enthusiastic about all the fun parts of running a business that I hadn’t considered how much work it would really take. Owning a restaurant is no walk in the park. Not only do you need to satisfy the demands of the clients but you also have to take care of unexpected hiccups. Most recently this involved calling a Melbourne drain cleaning company to come fix a blocked drain pipe.

It was actually a bit of a disaster to be honest. The first person to come into the restaurant was the kitchen hand who arrives in the early afternoon to start preparing. He’s the one who noticed the funky smell in the place. He called me immediately while roaming around the restaurant, looking under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom for the cause of the problem. By the time I arrived he’d found it and showed me the damage in the bathroom where the ground was sinking in slightly and there was moisture seeping through the tiles. We looked up one of the more reputable companies who do drain inspections because we had to get the thing repaired before the restaurant opened for business at six. When it comes to drain unblocking, Brighton has some good companies that can arrive within a couple of hours of the call, so we were lucky to have them on the scene asap.

The drain repair guys used a camera to locate the exact position of the problem, which was actually a blocked drain and a broken pipe. I was starting to get nervous that we’d have to close down the business for a couple of days and lose a lot of money, but I was so impressed by how fast they got the job done. When the pipes were fixed I was so relieved I thought we’d have a private staff party after work. Owning a restaurant is hard work but at least it’s rewarding too.

Parents Clearing Drains

I must admit, living with my parents has been tough. I’m a 22 year old university graduate, and a fully fledged corporate professional. I wear pant suits for crying out loud! However when I come home on Saturday night (read Sunday morning) having consumed a bottles worth of sauvignon blanc and eaten the equivalent of a slice of lemon I still find myself having to regurgitate into my mother’s rose bush in the front garden. The location of the family bathroom means my mum and dad would definitely wake up to any mystery sounds in the small hours of the morning. 

I was shocked when Mum told me she needed to pay someone to deal with the blocked drain, Camberwell is lacking in gossip so this is what mum and I talk about at brunch, I was shocked! I don’t understand what caused this problem. Nothing goes down that sink, I don’t hurl myself over thorny terrain to have to stay in for the drainage contractor to come and clear the U-bend, no sir!

She was a little taken aback at my interest in the blocked drain so I had to scale it back a bit. I was pretty excited for the day I’d have a drain of my own, a sink to do whatever in, something that was all mine and I could be as loud as I needed to. Living with the parents is good for my savings but it does come with its trials and tribulations. Of course I had to be the one at home to let in the drain plumber. It didn’t take him long and he said it was his easiest drain repair. Melbourne apparently is a bit of a mess when it comes to old pipes. It doesn’t compare to some of the stuff he has seen blocking drains out in the country. I didn’t engage all his drain chat. I had a driveway to hose down, turns out my aim isn’t always spot on and the rose bush is further back than is visible in the night sky!