My Cat Wishlist

To give you all a tiny tease about my personality, I have decided to provide a list of the top three cats I want to get when Cat I and Cat II inevitably go to cat-heaven (although I’m still holding out hope for cat-immortality to be announced soon).

No. 1 – Ragdoll

The top cat on my wishlist is the ragdoll. These guys are just adorable balls of fluff. It is literally impossible not to fall in love with them at first sight. You can pick a ragdoll cat up without it complaining (hence the name), which is just awesome. Furthermore, ragdolls are a designer bread, perfect for cat shows. Visually, they are simply gorgeous, particularly in white.

If I had a ragdoll cat, what would I name it? That’s easy: George. Why? That’s none of your business.

No. 2 – Siamese

What can I say about Siamese cats other than that they are awesome? This breed is high energy and extremely vocal, so you’ll never feel like you are alone again. The fur patterns they get look stunning, too. But if I’m being honest, they are only in my top three because I used to love Lady and the Tramp when I was a kid, and that movie has Siamese cats in it. If I couldn’t find a ragdoll that was right for me, I’d be getting a Siamese cat in a heartbeat.

If I had a Siamese cat, what would I name it? Probably Bella or something cute like that.

No. 3 – Sphynx

As somebody who studied ancient Egypt in high school, I simply love the idea of a sphynx cat. I mean, it’s called a sphynx, which is just about the coolest name possible. They are exotic and furless, energetic and vocal. What’s not to love? Alright, I know that the whole furless thing isn’t for everybody, but I just like the idea of bathing my cat and putting sunscreen on it to go for a walk together. And sure, they don’t look amazing or anything, which is why they are only 3rd on my wishlist, but you don’t have to deal with fur all over your carpet, so that’s a huge win.

If I had a sphynx cat, what would I name it? Definitely Shinx, after the electric-type Pokémon.

Oh no, the fact that I like Pokémon if definitely too much information for this website. My mysteriousness has gone down! I’ve got to get out of here before I reveal anything else, like the fact that I only wear glasses because I think they make me look cool.