If You’re a Fan, Be a Fan!

If you wear the declaration of a fandom, you HAVE to be willing to engage with someone else if they acknowledge it. That’s like…fan law. In fact, it’s the law across many different fandoms, but especially anime, since we happy few are the auteurs, the trend-setters, the avant garde guardsmen. And now I’m all put out because I tried to start a conversation with a fellow fan in a lift, and he brushed me off completely.

He was wearing a shirt with the Aluminium Knight Sorbet-Chan! logo on the front, so obviously, I acknowledged that I was also a fan of the show, in which a little knight tries to defend aluminium toolboxes and ute canopies in her kingdom from evil forces trying to copy the secret aluminium recipe. It’s one of those ones that looks like it should be for kids, but it’s actually really dark and mature when you peel back the layers.

But nah. This guy is full-on wearing the shirt of an anime that not all that many people know about outside of Australia, and when I ask if he’s a fan, he just gives me an irritated shrug and looks away. That is NOT what Aluminium Knight Sorbet-Chan would do. She would make friends immediately, using her quirky smile, peach-blossom hair and irresistible chibi face. Also, her completely master over aluminium and its many products. If this guy wants to wear the declaration of standing with a noble knight who defends aluminium toolboxes and accessories with her life, and many secret clan techniques, then he needs to shape up and start living by the Aluminium Defence Brigade code of honour. Or you could just wear a different shirt.

Maybe he’s just a grumpy sort of person, and doesn’t know that there are others who share his passions, and was embarrassed. We all start at that point. But as Sorbet said as she recently upgraded every toolbox in the kingdom to have toolbox central locking, to protect the contents from the evil Tin Empire: “Tee-hee, don’t worry about it!”

Tee-hee indeed, grumpy elevator man. Do NOT worry about it.