Preparing for Young Minds

I know this has been debated a lot, but I really don’t think we’re getting around it. Not with the time frame we’re talking. Sister Lydia seems convinced that she can take a human mind and place it into a cybernetic body, thus meaning that our glorious new moon kingdom will provide us with immortality.

It’s a lovely thought, but humans trials have…well, let’s just say they *really* haven’t worked. I haven’t been instructed in the matter, but I’ve been making preparations for children regardless. A few brothers and sisters will be bringing their families anyway, and thus we need some services to cater to the younger ones. All the indoor play centres in the area of Canberra seem to have similar traits, on a basic level. Lots of colour, play equipment…and an obsession with animals. I haven’t been a child for a number of years, but I do vaguely remember having some sort of strange obsession with ponies. This ‘ball-pit’ is a strange idea, but the balls themselves are plastic and hollow. Perhaps we could store some on the rockets. without there being a serious weight concern. And then there’s the issue of schools…which I’m thinking can perhaps be meshed with the indoor play centre idea. We’ve already established that there’s going to be a zero-G leisure dome, so perhaps part of that can be dedicated to the children. Half of THAT will be the indoor play centre, and the other half, the schooling zone. And then there are birthday parties to think of as well, golly. Our great leader wishes to do away with birthdays, but children love them so. I was ALSO researching kids birthday party venues available in Canberra. Seems they’re often the same deal as the play centre. Makes sense, since going to the play centre seems to be a treat of sorts.

Cake will be difficult to come across in space; not many of the ingredients are on our ‘Essential Earth Supplies’ list. Perhaps I’ll have to cobble together a few different things. Be creative. For the children.


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