Party Cooling

I used to love going to my friends birthday parties when they were at the local kids restaurant. The ice cream cakes were the best and the party host was always dressed up in some great costume. I thought they were the best birthday parties ever. Unfortunately, Mum could never afford to let me have a birthday party at that restaurant, but I got over that a long time ago. It was one of my son’s school friends birthday party today and he was having it in the Party Room. I walked my son in, just to reminisce and things had really changed. I couldn’t work out if it was because I was a child and thought everything was amazing, but the Party Room sure had changed since my day. There wasn’t even any air conditioning and the place was a mess.

The party host entered, wearing a normal clown uniform, and asked all the mothers to take the children to the playground as some people from the air conditioning repair company in Melbourne were coming through to do some maintenance. We took the kids outside and two men put a ladder up in the middle of the Party Room, opened a manhole in the ceiling and climbed in.

When the kids came back inside the ladder was still in the middle of the room, meaning the guys were still taking care of the air conditioning service. Melbourne was rather sunny that day so the kids spent a decent amount of time outside running around to work up an appetite. We moved the food so the kids didn’t have to navigate around a ladder constantly, but the big surprise came when the host brought the ice cream cake out.

The cake was placed in front of the birthday boy, candles burning bright. We moved the ladder so we could take some photos of the kids and just as the birthday boy went to blow out his candles.  Unfortunately the man taking care of the air conditioning service was still on the ladder and fell on the table. He had misplaced his footing, thinking the ladder was still there and fallen from the ceiling landing directly on the birthday cake. The boy started crying and the host rushed in. This was one of the most eventful parties I’d been to in a while.