Disco Dancing for Sport

I’ve just finished helping my little bro get ready for his school disco. I have to say, he’s got a pretty funky dress sense, for a ten year-old. His purple suit is definitely going to make a splash on the dance floor. He was showing me some of his dance moves, too – all I can say is that they’re certainly on the athletic side. For a kid who’s never shown much of an interest in sports, he’s surprisingly agile and has quality high kick on him.

His sporty moves are kind of appropriate, now that I think about it, given that the occasion is a fundraiser for his school’s sports department. They’re raising money to buy soccer goal nets for the school’s new oval. According to my bro, the school is planning to get angled soccer goal nets, and barrier nets as well (they aren’t too keen on losing more balls than they already have to angry neighbours, by the sounds of it).

Apparently, the school also needs dollars to pay for some tennis netting repair services. I’m so clueless on the sports front that I’ve never even heard of such a thing before. They need cricket nets as well, and some new basketballs.

You’d think that these kids don’t do anything other than play sports, wouldn’t you? I mean, surely they need equipment for other subjects too. When was the last time the school put on a disco for test tubes and beakers, or copies of A Midsummer Night’s Scream? It seems like the school is forever investing in sports equipment.

On the plus side, I’m pleased with the fact that little bro is showing an interest in something that involves physical exercise. If he wanted to get into playing a sport, I’d totally support that, and I can see that he’d probably be quite adept at it if he’s leaps and spins are anything to go by. But then, I’d also be interested in seeing him channel his seemingly newfound athleticism into the dancing arena.