Pest Control, or Pest Negotiation?

You know, sometimes I think pests get themselves a bad rap. Bad rep? One of those.

So everyone sees an ant and they flip out. They call in the pest controllers, and that’s the end of that. And then there are the strange crowd who think you can talk to the bugs, which is…yeah, that’s a thing. But still, I have a pet rat, and it’s made me think. Obviously this is a fancy rat. No disease, only goes to the toilet inside his neat little cage, and never bites or anything. Very friendly.

What if we could do that with other pests? Okay, so you’re in Frankston. You see some termites and it’s just no good. They need to understand that their actions are harmful, and that the current situation is not okay. So the pest controllers from Frankston come along…and they could be trained differently. The termites, I mean. Well, the termites AND the controllers. Instead of extermination, a compromise is reached where the invaders are lead to see the error of their ways and ;eave of their own accord to go and chew on a tree that nobody cares about. So, insect negotiation.

Not just insects. I know for a fact that mice and rats are extremely intelligent creatures, some of them more so than dogs and cats.

I’m not sure if the termite control professionals out of Frankston deal with other pests that could be of equal threat to homes. I do think that with negotiation, positive reinforcement and possibly a reward for continued good behaviour, pest control can be done without anything having to lose its life.

Now, I’m not PETA or anything. And I know some mice and rats and termites and spiders (ESPECIALLY spiders) just won’t understand. Their stubbornness will make actual pest control experts, as they are now, necessary. But still…it’s food for thought.


Controlling the Pests Through (My) Fear

Some people ask…if you’re terrified of insects, why are you trying to get into pest control?

And then I respond…that’s why it’s PERFECT.

For you see, what greater pest control agent will there be than one who wants all pests gone, all the time, forever? You call up someone in Rosebud who does pest control and your service is pretty good. They’re professionals, and of course you’re going to get a good service because that’s just how the industry is nowadays. Reviews on Google and all that. BUT…all the people working for pest control are unafraid of insects and other small beasts. They do their jobs as would people who are not in perpetual fear. If I got into the job, I’d have the ultimate motivation, all the time, to do an amazing job. I’d just want the termites and ants and spiders and everything else to stay away from me at all costs, and thus I’d do my job magnificently. I’d be called to a house crawling with pests, and in a fear-induced panic fuelled by adrenaline, I’d get rid of every single one in record time.

As a plan, you can’t fault the psychology. And I never wanted to be one of those people who just keeps doing their jobs day after day, never making a change because they’re too bored and stagnant. Well, that won’t be me, because every single day on the job will be a heart-thumping thrill ride. I’ll be kept on my toes, never bored, always alert and always wanting to do the best job possible, and give the greatest pest control service in Sorrento and beyond. Just think of how much I could get done in a blind panic on every job. I’d be the greatest industry professional ever! See, this is how you take a phobia and turn it into something positive.