I Just Love Using Electricity 24/7

It’s now time for the Festival of Pikachey, probably my least favourite time of the year. I don’t mean to disrespect my family heritage- as I’ve been told many times, this is a big deal in Albajeria- but it’s way too close to Christmas. My family just needs to choose one huge, financially-draining, exhausting event to celebrate per year, instead of trying to squeeze both into the space of a month.

But here we are, the family all together (again), eating loads of food (again), washing loads of dishes (AGAIN) and celebrating the creation of light. I’m pretty sure our ancestors didn’t celebrate this holiday by setting up sets of commercial LED lighting. Melbourne is pretty up and coming in the tech department, which I guess makes it okay.

I mean it when I say it’s commercial lighting, because it’s all industrial grade, although supposedly very energy-efficient. So I guess our power bills won’t be totally through the roof. The original way of celebrating Pikachey was to light torches all through a village, along with one gigantic bonfire in the center, and keep them burning for seven days. Now we just turn on some specially-purchased lights. I guess there’s less chance of them going out, which would anger Pikachey and might make him curse our family for a thousand and ten years. So…that’s really good. I do appreciate the efficiency of LED lighting nowadays that wards of deadly curses. But still, with all the family here, it gets really wearing. So much food, so many dishes to wash, and in the time of year when everyone is trying to get into good habits. Nope…we’ve just got Melbourne’s most energy-efficient industrial LED lighting making it really hard to sleep. Great, fun times with ancient traditions.


The Architect has Spoken

I like to think of myself as an architect of the future. Like, I don’t actually build anything, and I’m not a real architect, but sometimes I look at a place and I can just SEE what it’ll be like in the future. Or…what it should be like.

Energy-saving methods just keep getting better, and it’s not just bulbs. Solar power, wind power, hydrogen power, punching power, moon power, crystal power and many, many other kinds. Commercial energy storage in Melbourne will one day provide most of the city’s power needs, which will become greater because people will always need more power. As the world becomes smaller and more connected, the power requirements soar. 

 While I’m sitting here in this cafe  I can’t help but wonder what it’ll be like 20 years from now. In the future, I imagine that there will be no friendly person to greet me and take my order, sad as that may sound. I’ll enter my order into a terminal, and a robot barista (not shaped like a human, because that would be silly), will be the one making my coffee. Or maybe just a machine? But the machine will be able to talk and make light conversation, because obviously we’re still human (barring implants). Where does all the power come from, you might ask? Well, commercial solar power will be more efficient than ever. In fact, the parts of the outback we haven’t converted into lush forest will be coated in solar panels, providing basically all of Australia’s power needs. This all get routed into large commercial energy storage banks, so basically we can use all the technology we want without any fear. Also, gigantic catapults along the equator toss any waste we DO create into the sun, so…easy. Between Melbourne’s commercial energy monitoring and utterly renewable power, I foresee that we don’t have anything to worry about.

The architect of the future has spoken.