Resilient Cars

You know, whoever’s manufacturing the cars in these after-the-end scenarios needs some kind of industry award. Maybe a Nobel Prize for mechanics, even though that’s not a real thing. But then, television has introduced us to all kinds of Nobel Prizes that don’t really exist.

Here we have our protagonists, needing to get away from the zombie hordes, or the gangs of pierced ravagers, or sometimes just the wrath of nature itself (solar flares are a favourite), and there’s always a convenient car to drive around, with fuel that hasn’t dissolved into watery nothing. I asked about this last time I had a car service near Derby, and I got a definitive answer. And that answer was ‘no, of course cars don’t just service themselves’. Well, obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t need people to do car servicing for us. Also, perhaps even more importantly, petrol and other forms of fuel have a shelf life very much like orange juice, so you can’t just be siphoning it off any abandoned car you find to keep yourself rolling around the apocalypse. That’d be nice, but…no.

I wonder how far away we are from solar-powered cars? I think even if cars run off the sun they’re still going to need servicing and auto repairs- the sun can’t stop your car from getting a flat tire, and it certainly can’t panel-beat any dents out if you have a collision- but it’d be nice for the biggest enemies to the environment to run on renewable energy. It’d be super handy in an after-the-end scenario as well. Maybe if you happen to be one of those car mechanics in the Bendigo area or wherever, you CAN be trundling around the desert, dodging solar flares and ravagers, with no problems at all. Maybe. You’d still have to salvage a few parts. Might just be worth getting a bicycle instead.