More VR Lemurs

I didn’t really think a day out at the Lemur Sanctuary would be…um, a whole day out, overall. They’re just a few lemurs, how much time could you possibly spend there? Turns out they’ve done a really good job in terms of making you stay for a while, because there all all kinds of special events, the cafe/restaurant is really nice, and they just added a lemur VR experience. And that was a lot more entertaining than it sounds.

Also, there’s quite a story behind the whole thing, so the lemur history section was quite comprehensive. I never thought learning about property conveyancers would be something I’d take the kids to see, but I like the idea of them getting some idea of how conveyancing works, through the magic of lemurs.

See, the place used to be in Keymore, which is where the endangered lemurs came when they were first brought to Australia. Then they had to move it to the current Docklands location, and when you take title transfers and getting a whole horde of lemurs into a new property, that’s a logistical nightmare that the conveyancers probably hadn’t dealt with before. I think the place was a zoo, quite a while ago, and then there was a hubbub over who actually owned the place, more conveyancers were brought in, the lemurs were all moved to their new, much larger habitat, some lawyers got involved, even MORE conveyancing solicitors were brought in, and eventually it all worked itself out. The official Melbourne property transfers were settled, they got permits to transform the place, and the whole venture was saved.

By this time the rest of my family had gone to try to lemur VR simulator for the third time, but I’m the type of person who a) enjoys property ownership debates and b) reads absolutely every placard at museums. I was quite happy in my history room.