Merry Christmas! It’s Something Useful!

It’s official: Christmas is here. You can always tell, because Byers has their special Christmas window up on display, and strange people are queuing for hours just to see it when you can just stand there and admire from afar. Or buy a pair of binoculars, whatever you feel is more worth it.

But Christmas time in our household is a special time for special things, and there’s nothing more special than buying 100% practical presents. We have a little bit of a competition in our household and close family, and all of us get right into it! Most practical present wins. This year, I’m thinking the orthotics are sure winners. I went all the way to Cheltenham for children’s orthotics, because the ones Jasmine has right now are getting a bit worn. You might say that it’s a natural, parental duty to replace that kind of thing, but that’s the genius of our family Christmas. You keep costs down, and disguise essentials as presents. It’s practical, it’s necessary. It’s NOT  senseless waste of money for the sake of capitalism and feeding the corporate machine by buying into their nation-wide brainwashing campaign that has held this country and many others in a death-grip for decades because of clever and diabolical advertising. It’s practical! And orthotics will always be appreciated. If Jasmine runs without them, her arches get quite sore, and thus she has no reason not to be grateful. I thought taking her to the podiatrist last Christmas was a bit of a splash, but as it turned out, it’s actually set up years of potential and practical presents.

So that’s that sorted. Need to pick up some spare arch supports, Ben needs a new notebook for school (might even splash for some pens) and…well, Neil knows what he’s getting. Socks. It’s ALWAYS socks. Socks are the safe option, since he goes through them every year.


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