Glazing It Up

The order of the day is deciding whether to have a skylight installed. Now that the excitement of buying a house has died down, we’re starting think about what we can do to make it, like… nice. More natural light in the kitchen is one improvement that’s crying out to be made, and a double glazed skylight unit seems like the best way to do this.

Next in line after that is replacing the coloured glass splashback in the kitchen. It’s got a big old crack in it, but in all honesty, our main issue with it is the colour Really, who thought that was a good idea? Last on the trifecta of reno jobs on our list is swapping out the heavy wooden posts supporting the handrail on the staircase for something visually lighter. Glass balustrade installers in Melbourne, you’re on my radar.

I just realised that all three of these updates involve glass. That’s kind of convenient, actually. I’d had it in my mind that we’d have to recruit a bunch of different service providers, but a good glazier should be able to sort us out. Who’s good for residential glazing and glass replacement, Melbourne? Help a renovation noob out.

Actually, this is making me think of even more things to be done. The shower screen in the guest bathroom looks, frankly, kind of dangerous. My sister will hate that. I’m assuming it’s possible to switch out a semi-frameless shower screen for a custom replacement – A-class 10mm toughened safety glass, of course, for the benefit of sis’s peace of mind. While I’m on the subject, it occurs to me that I could swap the chrome hinges for gold ones. I know that sis will hate them, but if I’m making a concession for her, I get to have some fun at her expense as well (that’s just the way it works).

Ah, the joys of owning a house. I’m not sure what my bank balance will have to say about all this, but I can compile a wish list all the same.  

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