Celebrating With A New Kitchen

The divorce papers have finally been signed! Hallelujah. Now, here’s the really exciting part – I’ve been planning this for a while, so bear with my excitement. I’m celebrating by (drum roll, please) installing a new kitchen! It’s going to be epic: the gas stovetop I’ve always wanted, heaps of bench space – maybe even an island! – and a walk-in pantry. Best of all, I’ll get to have all this in the exotic colour scheme I’ve always been into (Michelle was all about the neutral colours).

In light of this, I’m currently on a mission to unlock the best kitchen renovation in Melbourne. This is a celebratory investment, remember, which means I won’t settle for anything less than my personal idea of perfection. As much as this might be an unattainable ideal in a marriage (as Michelle discovered, to her dismay), I think I can capture it in my kitchen paradise. I’m picturing all the surfaces, hardware and finishings being perfectly integrated, with a tailor-made place for everything, from appliances to waste.

So, here’s a question for all you design-heads clogging up the fabric of Melbourne: kitchen design. Talk to me about it. What are your non-negotiables? Is there something I need to incorporate that I haven’t thought of? I should mention that I’m an avid home cook, and the kitchen has always been my sanctuary in any house I’ve lived in. It’s really the heart of my home. That’s why I’m going all out on this renovation. I deserve it, after all those years spent married to someone who wound up having the bare minimum of appreciation for me or my passion for cooking.

I suppose I should keep my head a little; we had some good times. And I don’t need to go too crazy trying to reinvent the wheel and create a totally innovative kitchen experiences. At the end of the day, I’m set on a luxury kitchen, but I also want something classic and, ultimately, functional. It’s a delicate balance, much like the combination of spices in a truly mind-blowing rogan josh.

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