Catch-Ups and Windows

I was recently invited over for dinner with an old pal from high school, Janine. I hadn’t see her for years, and she’s changed a lot. No longer the party animal that I remembered, she’s just bought into the property market in spectacular style. She’s now the owner of a really huge house on the Mornington Peninsula.

When we were at school, if you’d told me that I’d be listening to Janina weighing up various glass frosting installation services in Melbourne (for her poolside cabana, no less), I’d never have believed it. But there we were, doing exactly that. It made sense, too – the house has a whole lot of glass going on. It almost gives the impression of being made entirely of windows.

We must have talked for at least twenty minutes about where to find the best home window tinting services in Melbourne. Janine told me that living in London for the past several years had sensitised her to the harshness of the light here, and she needed to dial back the UV glare and exposure. Alongside that, she had some very beautiful designer furniture, which apparently can become faded through sun exposure.

I had to interrupt this conversation to express my surprise at the turn her life seemed to have taken since our school days. Turns out, it wasn’t all that much of a coincidence. As she went on to explain to me, Janine had taken an interest in interior design after a fateful visit to a volcano-themed nightclub in Berlin, and it all spiralled from there. Years later, she now has a very successful line of business in restoring antique furniture.

Hearing this, it did all start to add up. I remembered that her bedroom as a teenager had always been elaborately decorated with obscure finds she’d tracked down on ebay and at garage sales. More to the point, her windows had always been covered over with a layer of purple cellophane. Now she gets to restore old stuff all day long, plus deck out her dreamhouse windows with specialised solar film. Good on her!

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