Front Of House

I’ve had just about enough of this driveway! It’s had that massive crack in it for years now, but it seems to be getting worse; a courier almost fell flat on his face tripping over it this morning, and he’s certainly not the first person to do that. Then there’s the oil stains. High time to do something about this, I think. So, driveway resurfacing companies in Melbourne: north side residents, what’s the deal?

I’m actually wondering if I might need to get this darned crack repaired before the resurfacing can happen. I’ve never had any driveway work done since I bought this house, nor any other structural work on it, for that matter. The front deck looks like it’s been due for a repaving for about half a century now; not even joking.

Truth be told, the whole front yard could do with a makeover. I mean, I keep it tidy and all, but I’ve never quite gotten around to styling it up. I could do with a hand in getting the process started – some good ‘bones’ that I can set to work filling with plants. I’m thinking raised beds, timber retaining walls, maybe even an irrigation system and a classy shade structure. I live on a pretty pleasant street, so I’d love to create a front garden that’s an extension of my living space.

Is there anyone who can do driveways and garden landscaping in the north of Melbourne? Is that a thing? If not, it should be – for better or worse, driveways tend to be a focal point of how a house presents from the street, so I really want mine to be beautifully integrated into my garden. Maybe I should just have it ripped up and start from scratch…

One thing at a time, though. I like the slightly lopsided, aged character of the house. As long as things aren’t dangerous, I’m probably not going to be rushing to replace them. That driveway isn’t getting any safer, though, so I think that’ll be first on the list.

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