Conveyancers Do More Than You Know…

I’ve never once believed any news report that I’ve seen about food poisoning. In my opinion, there’s no such thing. Why would food poison you? It’s food! Food might taste bad if you let it go past the use-by-date, but that just means that it TASTES bad, hence why we don’t eat it.

No, you mark my words: all instances of ‘food poisoning’ are actually just genuine poisoning. You hear about a whole restaurant getting gastro? There must’ve been a political enemy eating there, and someone put the poison in everyone’s food to make it sound like an outbreak of ‘gastro’. There’s literally no better explanation.

Jus like there’s no better explanation of conveyancers, and what they do in society. I’ve known a few conveyancing solicitors around Melbourne, and they’ve been decent folks. I can’t imagine why, since they have a much more stressful job than people realise. See, what seems to most like a simple conveyancing job is actually a front for a larger property control job. I realised years ago that if you control the conveyancing of the land titles, then you hold all the power. You’d think this would make conveyancers the greediest and most powerful figures in Melbourne, but quite the opposite: they’ve been using their vast influence to stop wealthy oil barons from purchasing the entirety of Melbourne, and possibly turning it into a massive oil field.

Just think about it for a second. Oil barons have solid gold cars, which obviously means they have unlimited money. If they wanted to- even if two or three pooled their infnite resources- then they could buy the entire city, from skyscrapers, to landmarks, to stadiums, and certainly every property. Whereas conveyancing solicitors are the ones standing in the way of this plan, stopping those oil barons from getting the documents. Then they convey them to worthy candidates instead, which would be their regular job. They are heroes, one and all, protectors of the 1962 sale of land act, and if regular sheeple would wake up and look at the FACTS, they’d know it like I do. They’d know everything.

-C.M.J. Incorporated

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