Precautionary vet medicine

You know, with all this talk of a live-in doctor, I can’t quite believe that we don’t yet have a live-in vet. I like the fact that there are excellent animal hospitals open in Bayside, and that’s really just around the corner. Ever since this place opened they’ve probably been swamped with customers, even though we make a point of treating our cats very well here.

So it’s not an essential, but I do wonder if we can entice someone to come and live here to be our emergency vet, for when things happen in the middle of the night, or a cat sprains its paw and shouldn’t be moved. Perhaps that’s something to bring up at the next budget meeting.

I mean, if you ask me, everyone here should have some sort of animal training. Everyone should have learned human first aid in general, but to live here, you should need a basic primer on how to treat a sick cat. We can’t build our excellent reputation as a wonderful place of cat-lovers if half the people on the building wouldn’t have a clue on how to treat a sick kitty. I’ve even seen a few residents panicking as their cat starts throwing up hairballs, and having to be intercepted on their way to the pet surgery by more sensible folk. Why on earth do we have to sit down with you, a person who applied and was accepted into a home for people and cats, and explain to you the concept of a hairball? Even people who’ve nothing to do with cats understand that much.

Perhaps we can contract a vet to come in and give a seminar. A mandatory seminar. Everyone must attend, even the experts among us, so as to give a good example to the uninitiated. We’ll make it unmissable, on account of it being from a person working in a local Bayside pet surgery who knows their stuff and has a genuine interest in keeping our cats healthy.

As everyone should…and they try, bless them. But when you get stressed over how your cat is shedding fur, I do worry.


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