Mum’s Paving Predicament

Mum’s on a backyard paving mission, and nothing is going to stand in her way. That is, anything but the massive cactus near near the back door. You see, this thing is so unreasonably huge that it’s going to be virtually impossible to relocate it, and she can’t bear the idea of taking it down – it’s been there longer than the house has.

Anyway, you’d think mum would be able to just pave her way around the behemoth, but no. Apparently, that would disrupt the complex geometric flow that she is so dearly envisaging. I have to say, I don’t really understand precisely what it is that she has in mind – I mean, how complex can a paving layout really be? I guess this is what happens when a maths lecturer gets involved in DIY garden design.

You’d think a mathematician would be able to solve this spatial problem herself, but mum seems to be getting unnecessarily stressed about the dilemma. Granted, according to her, it’s a logistic or structural thing rather than a design problem (go figure). Time to call in a pro, I reckon. Who’s good for garden paving design in the north of Melbourne?

I don’t think mum will be too happy about it – I know she loves to figure things like this out on her own. But she might be won over if I suggest it in terms of it being a way for her to get onto some new landscape design solutions. In Melbourne (north in particular), there’s plenty of expertise on this subject floating around, but there’s surely something to be learnt from observing a professional at work.

The other benefit of getting a landscaping pro in on the project is that they’ll be able to advise on what materials might work best – sandstone, limestone, pebbles or granite? Neither mum or I know the first thing about that. Anyway, I’d like to find someone who’ll leave room for a healthy dose of mum’s input – it’s her garden, after all.

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