In which my parents adopt a pooch

Today my parents are going to visit some animal shelters, with the aim of finding a canine companion to live with. Their last dog, Frederick, passed away about a year ago, and they’ve decided that, even though he can’t be replaced, it’s time to connect with a new furry friend. When I spoke to mum on the phone this morning, it sounded like they didn’t have any particular qualities in mind, but would know they’d found the right pooch.

I was pleased to hear that they’d decided to adopt rather than buy from a breeder or pet shop. Apart from the obvious humane reasons for doing this, there’s also the health of an animal to take into account. Frederick, who was a pedigree red setter, had a number of health complaints, like hip problems, arthritis, and a strong predisposition to allergies. These made his life more difficult than it needed to be and warranted frequent trips to the vet.

Our local vet in Moorabbin was always fantastic with Frederick, but I’ve been suspicious of dog breeding since seeing Frederick’s constant string of mysterious ailments (which I believe were due to overbreeding). That’s why I’m happy that my parents are supporting adoption programs rather breeding ones.

I imagine that for animal shelters in the Bayside area, dog desexing would be the norm. While I’ve always had mixed feelings about desexing, I do acknowledge that it’s kind of necessary to avoid increasing numbers homeless domestic animals. Ultimately, too, I think it’s probably for the best in terms of getting these animals a new home. I would think that people are much more likely to want to take on a desexed animal.

I wonder what type of dog my parents will come home with? It could be anything from an cattle dog bursting at the seams with energy, to a terrified terrier, to a grizzled old mutt that just wants a long nap. Whichever it is, it’s definitely going get spoiled rotten until the end of its days. I can’t wait to meet the new family member!

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