Landscaping Nostalgia

It’s true what they say: reboots ruin everything. They’ve just rebooted my favourite 80’s cartoon, and it’s nothing like the original. It’s all computer generated with bad voice acting and they’ve dumbed it down so much, even my four-year-old niece thinks that it’s silly. I watched the premiere with her, all excited…and we were both left disappointed by the end. And they got back the original main voice actor as well! Stop ruining my childhood!

Lots of people think nostalgia is just for the past…well, that’s the reason I become a landscape designer. North Melbourne is full of landscape solutions, or at least it used to be. I’ve noticed that most gardens follow a very simple theme: respectable. Something to impress the neighbours and in-laws when they come calling. That’s all well and good, but what if you really want to let loose?

That was my very first design job, from a friend of a friend who just so happened to also be obsessed with that cartoon. His wife wasn’t much of a gardener, and she was hardly ever out doors, so he took over the process. But he didn’t want regular landscape gardening design. He wanted something truly revolutionary that reached deep into his childhood and recreated that love and excitement he felt while watching his favourite cartoon.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance to complete my first job on such a subject. And I did an amazing job, too…no modesty, it was because of my passion for the show. I set him up a retaining wall in the same shape as the Ninja Evolution Motorbikes that the characters use to become stronger and fight the bad guys. The plants were arranged like his favourite characters, and I even managed to colour the grass to look like the show’s logo. My finest and first job. His wife wasn’t happy, but hey…she should’ve shown interest a little bit sooner!

Soon afterwards I was replaced by a company that does driveway paver based in North Melbourne. They’re also known for award winning landscape designs. It’s probably for the best that the pros took over. I’m great at 80s/90s nostalgia but not so great a garden landscaping.

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